Games like golden sun

games like golden sun

What are some other GBA RPG's that are similar to Golden Sun? Whenever I go searching around for games I see all sorts of RPG's for the. Are there any games for pc that are remotely like this? Ys and Last Remnant aren't even remotely close to Golden Sun. Frankly, there is pretty. There are a few JRPGs on the PC that, AFAIK, were legitimately ported other than the ones mentioned. Recettear and Fortune Summoners.


SNES-like Role Playing Games on Other Consoles and Handhelds - SNESdrunk I loved playing Golden Sun The Lost Age when I was a kid and I'm looking for something similar gameplay and graphics wise. Frankly, there is pretty much. Final Fantasy isn't really the same as Golden Sun-- and I'd suggest FF7 over it in terms of Golden Sun's story and character development comparison Honestly, I just found FF9 to be immature and unsatisfying. Zuletzt bearbeitet von Dorok ; Shadow King is an RPG with tiger games company slight twist: games like golden sun

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