Electrostatic headphones review

electrostatic headphones review

In the cavernous hallways of the audiophile rabbit hole, electrostatic headphones are the ultimate, deepest, and dankest level. By the time. Sharkk's hybrid electrostatic headphones just might hit that sweet spot for hi-fi sound and affordability. We recently put the Bravo's to the test to. Sharkk tries to hit the headphone scene with guns blazing. In our Bravo Hybrid Electrostatic Headphones Review, we see if its ambitious efforts.


Amazing - Koss ESP950 Electrostatic Headphones Or at least they can be. Sharkk Bravo "Electrostatic Hybrid" Headphones. Please post your impressions to this thread. Despite its tight clamp and issue with wearing glasses, the headphones are comfortable to wear especially if you have smaller earsalthough we would have liked a little more padding at the top of the headband. Also, almost everything is either plastic or vinyl. electrostatic headphones review

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